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[IP] re writing to Minimed

 I think we all have the right to voice both our
complaints and our praises for the company> Without
complaining about the customer service problems, etc,
they won't know how many customers believe that it
needs to be improved, this goes for any company.
 I sent my letter via email to Terry Gregg, CEO and
COO of Minimed yesterday. He'd emailed me before I
actually sent the letter and sounded ready to get to
the bottom of the problems, I did not write about one
thing, but rather about 4 major incidences with lousy
product reliability, as well as faulty customer
service over the past year. Personally, it felt good
writing a letter b/c otherwise they won't know about
some of the problems out there. I am still waiting for
a reply, but as I've shown the letter to several IPers
and my parents as well, there were a lot of serious
issues that need addressed so I'm not surprised, he's
probably looking into that before getting back with
 You never know till you try. NBC did a totally
*wrong* broadcast on diabetes last year, I wrote to
them about that, and got a phone call the day after
they receieve the letter about how they should present
the REAL facts...... 
 By the way, Diabetes is the cover story of this
week's newsweeek, with 99.8% of it focused on type 2.
but they did mention that type 1 is different, and
even mentioned a patient (type 2) on the pump, which I
thought was good b/c it shows pumps aren't only for
type 1.
 Pump # 3 since June 1999

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