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[IP] Family Education?

    I talked to my mother and younger brother before I first made the decision to go on the pump (been pumping since 8/15/00).  They were
both very supportive.  I was against the idea at first, but finally my doctor wore me down enough to consider the idea.  My numbers were
bouncing between 40 and 400 in any given day, even with three shots. He finally said, "I wouldn't want to live that way." And now I'm
glad that I DON'T live that way anymore.  My basals aren't perfect yet, but I'm already feeling much better and staying under 200 most of
the time.
What has bothered me so far is other people's reactions.  My older brother saw me give a bolus after a breakfast out.  He said, "You have
to keep messing with that thing all day?"  When I explained about boluses, he said, "I thought the whole idea of the pump was so that you
didn't have to do that."  I shouldn't be mad, or upset about it, but in a way I am.  I gave my family videos and brochures to look at
while I was deciding which type of pump to get.  I guess I thought that they would understand more.  I am realizing now that maybe I just
haven't educated my family and friends enough. I've known my husband for almost six years now, and several months ago he had to call my
mother at 3 am (when I had a very bad low blood sugar episode) to ask what to do.  It took him four tries to test me, then he confided
that he wasn't sure if he was supposed to "give me a shot or what".
I don't want to turn into some type of Diabetic on a mission, but I do feel that our friends and family should make the effort to educate
themselves more. Maybe we need to sit them down and make them take notes, I don't know. I wish there was a pump support group or
something around here.  Except for when reading this digest, I feel alone most of the time.
I've recently started a book about my childhood, and growing up with this disease. I'm a little blocked right now, but I do think someday
I will finish it. I plan on having everyone I know read it.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Not sure on my pump's name yet.  Maybe Antonio (after Banderas)  So I can say I turn him on and press his buttons.

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