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[IP] Re: writing to Al Mann

Connie wrote:

<I sent Al Mann a letter at the address on the MiniMed brochures but
never got a reply. Don't waste your time. They are not
- - -Connie>

Hi Connie,

I think we need to watch our generalizations. I did get a response from
my letter to Al Mann re. the issue of selling cannulas separately, and I
planned to scan it and post it here, but my computer went down for 2
weeks, we are just beginning school here, and I don't have much time.

To say that MM is not "customer-friendly" has not at all proven true
with me. In my 9 months with them, I've always gotten good service
(though an occasional mistake has been made by them in sending stuff).
As in any company, a good bit depends on the person with whom you are

And my MM has acted perfectly--even after I inadvertantly left it on me
(using the leg pouch) in the morning after getting up--all the way into
the shower and out! (yes, I was a bit sleepy!)

They're not perfect--no company is--but I've been very satisfied thus



P.S. Is this naming the pump primarily something done by the women
pumpers? (it never occurred to me to name it!) Hmmm....

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