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[IP] Study finds Pfizer’s Norvasc, others to be less effective in heart cases

Before my 'daughter' has a chance to rip this article apart I'm going to give 
it my all (even though I posted it, because I feel it's in our best interest 
to post things that are related and ALSO to post the opposition opinion)  
((When I'm done I'll get off the soapbox and let you guys throw tomatoes 
again, but please please I really like the little plum tomatoes which are just 

The study looks at patients on these drugs but does NOT seperate WHY their 
doctors CHOSE those drugs to put them on.  The question isn't weather a 
certain class of drugs is better or worse in everyone: the real question is 
what is the best drug for THIS patient and how would he do on other drugs.

OK.  I'm just curious who really funded this study.

Yerachmiel who has been on an ace inhibitor so long they didn't KNOW it helped 
diabetics when he went on it.  (I went on it because Beta- Blockers made me 
even more hypo unaware than I am which is very)

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