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No Subject

SNIP>>>>>However.... I'd like to hear others experiences with this machine.
it doesn't seem all that popular and I wouldn't consider it too suprising if

it was pulled from the market at some point or changed significantly.

Hi Melysa, 
I saw a friends FastTake and wrote them and asked for one, based on my use
of 300 strips/month.  They emailed me back and said they were sending me
two!! They also said they were so backordered I would get things in pieces.
Which I did.  I love the speed, size and convenience of the FastTake.  Found
about 10-20 point difference in my Accutek Advantage, but don't care as long
at the one I use is consistent.   My big problem is that I can't get them to
send me the case.  I have written twice, they don't sell it separately on
their products web page..I can't use it without the case.   That is, I can't
let it float around in a baggie in my huge purse without fear of damage.
And the baggie keeps getting holes poked in it.  SO, I am not really using
it, or ordering my strip supply until I can get the case.    But it sure is
faster, and easier than my old Accutek.  
I was told they are selling like hotcakes...why do you think they will be
pulled from the market?

Bonnie Richardson 

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