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[IP] Re: pump names

Okay, I tried to stay out of this thread but cant hold back any longer.  The
why comes first so you can understand.
A friend of mine that I had just met when I got my MM507 thought that it was
a pager.  When she found out that it wasnt a pager but an insulin pump she
confessed to me that at first she thought I was one of those uppity bi*ches.
Also at the time this thread was going on and I didnt have a name for my
pump so Uppity Bi*ch seemed very appropriate. Since then I had an imming
name as Uppity Bi*ch but had to change it because certain family members
said it wouldnt fit and they wouldnt talk to me as long as I kept that name.
(OTOH there are moments when my husband will totally agree with the name)
I love some of the names you guys have come up with! Why shouldnt we have a
name for something that is with us 24/7.

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