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Re: [IP] School nurses overseeing all boluses

Hello all,
    I haven't posted in a while due to the start of our school year
here.  My daughter, Caitlyn, just started 1st grade in a public school. 
The Diabetes educator and doctor Told me to put Caitlyn on NPH shots
during the school day.  The first 3 days were a mess, her blood sugars
were all over the place, nobody knew how to test her, nor were they
comfortable letting her test herself... to put it plainly... it was a
     By Thursday, the school "ambushed" me with the district nurse.  Let
me point out that there is no school nurse.  The nurse wanted me to
give  her a procedure for testing and what to do with the results.  She
asked about the pump, then asked why Caitlyn wasn't on it 24-7.  I had
to explain that she was too young to bolus herself, and that the team
didn't want a lot of different people responsible for taking care of
     The nurse then asked if she could call and speak with the diabetes
educator about putting Caitlyn on the pump all of the time.  I told her
that she could try, but that I thought that it was highly unlikely that
she could convince the diabetes educator to change her mind.  Within
three days, I was called by the district nurse and told that the
district would be HIRING AN AIDE whose purpose is solely the care of
Caitlyn and her pump.  I WAS so happy!
     I had know idea that she would be successful in getting Caitlyn
cared for!  She was an answer to many prayers!  The district nurse said
that she wasn't just concerned about Caitlyn's health at school, but her
long term health as well.  She said that we should put her on the pump
24-7 to aviod long term complications!  I am SOOOO happy that I have
someone on my side.  The school thing will work itself out in the end!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 mo, pumping happily with her friend
"blossom" and soon to be pumping happily at school!
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