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[IP] pump names

Sara SP writes:For seven years, I resisted naming the inanimate piece of 
equipment that I
keep in its leather case 98% of the time, and that has NEVER suffered static
shock or inadvertendtly had its door knocked open or its screen cracked or
any of the other tragedies that befall caseless pumps
But under peer pressure...I named him prrreeeeeesssshhhhhhuuusssss, pronouced
the way Gollum from The Hohbbit schhhhhaid pressscccchhhhhhhuuussss
and its a he...

you and IBM who never wanted to use the word memory when talking about 
storage too anthropomorphic you know.

I call my pump Christine after a really very foul mouthed 3 year old kid my 
sil's mom used to babysit bc i used to swear at it during the first 3 weeks 
i used it. and then after the car in the Steven King novel. She is blue and 
not encased because it is too hard to see the reservoir with the case, I 
agree Curtis, a really dumb design.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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