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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #445

I enjoy the digest immensely and checking out all the little problems that 
come along with pumping. I am waiting to get my pump and hope it will before 
I also have a heart pacemaker and am concerned about the static thing. The 
new pacemakers allow us to do many more things then in the past. Micro waves 
are OK and some cellphones (but it is advised not to keep them over the heart 
to use the other ear). I walked into a park on July 4th for a celebration and 
found myself feeling alittle funny because of the bandstand nearby. I don't 
really know if I was effected by the equipment or I was just not feeling 
great...I moved very quickly to the other side of the park...lol .   So, let 
me  understand this correctly if I keep a fabric softener sheet inside the 
case and no problem with the static?.
also Jeff (email @ redacted) I tried your website but came on AOL.???? is 
this the correct link?

 email @ redacted
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