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Re: [IP] Fastake reliability?

Hi Melysa,

<As I've said otherwise I've had no problems and my machine averages
mirror my HA1Cs quite well.  I really appreciate that it's so small I
can even fit it in my pocket and the ease and speed of the tests.
However.... I'd like to hear others experiences with this machine.
Frankly it doesn't seem all that popular and I wouldn't consider it too
suprising if it was pulled from the market at some point or changed

I have switched recently (3 months ago) from the One Touch Profile to
the FastTake. Before moving, I did extensive comparisons between the two
meters (and I also had two of each meter, so my tests were fairly
thorough!). Of course, the FastTake uses plasma and the Profile uses
whole blood--the plasma reading is 12% higher than the whole blood. The
results indicated to my satisfaction that the FastTake is very accurate,
as long as the sample completely covers the little window. If ever I
have a question, I wash my hands and retest (sometimes with a different
meter). I have never had a wild reading from the FastTake or the Profile
(and I have now done almost 1000 tests on the FastTake).

I love the convenience of the FastTake (smaller, 15 seconds to test,
requires much less blood--this will be great in the winter time), but am
annoyed it stores only 150 readings (I have to remember to download the
results to my computer more often!). I have also had to get used to the
fact that a reading of 90 on the FastTake really means a reading of 79
on the Profile (important for gauging low blood sugar!). Similarly a
reading of 200 on the FastTake is only 176 on the Profile.

I know someone else has said that you should never compare results on
meters, but I don't agree--as long as you realize which are whole blood
and which are plasma (the 12% difference mentioned above). And I
strongly recommend a long period (for me it was almost a month) of
testing on both the new and the old machines so you can see about the
accuracy of the new meter (and also fine tune your test procedures on
the new meter). For me, the meter is my "lifeline," and I need to be
confident of its accuracy before I worry about its neat "features." But
I've gotten to really like the FastTake...I think it will grow in


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