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Re: [IP] Fastake reliability?

I have been using the Fastake for over a year and haven't had that kind of 
problem.  I do have a Profile and some strips to cross check if I get a 
"fishy" reading and they have always been very close.

I did do something really, really stupid once.  I keep my meter, strips, 
lancets etc in a small case and when on the go I just blot the strip and put 
it in the bottom to throw out later.  Apparently I had put these old strips 
in an empty vial once and left it on our desk.  Some time later when I was in 
a rush to leave the house and refilling my kit I found a seemingly new bottle 
on the desk (I had opened it and the strips looked clean and the bottle was 
full so I took it!).  Later I tested and it read in the high 380s so I washed 
again and retested and it was about 363 so I bolused.  I had actually done 
the first test because I felt a bit shakey and thought I might be low!  A 
half hour later I felt dizzy etc and tested again but got another high 
result.  This time I pulled out the Profile which read 32!  So I began to 
treat and got on the phone with Lifescan about the discrepancy (I like to 
multi-task ha ha).  Mid way through my call with the tech I realized my 
error.  Now those used strips go right in the trash!!  

As I've said otherwise I've had no problems and my machine averages mirror my 
HA1Cs quite well.  I really appreciate that it's so small I can even fit it 
in my pocket and the ease and speed of the tests.  

However.... I'd like to hear others experiences with this machine.  Frankly 
it doesn't seem all that popular and I wouldn't consider it too suprising if 
it was pulled from the market at some point or changed significantly.

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