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Re: [IP] Love and Hate Relationships with Food

>It's weird being on a pump.  I remember hiding candy in my room as a kid.  
>I would  hide it and dole it out in strict secrecy.  Now I can eat it?  I 
>can eat that piece of cake?  Should I still feel guilty or "bad"?  I guess 
>it takes a while to outgrow fourteen years of that strange relationship 
>with food.
>And when I come up with a good name for my pump, I will let you guys know.  
>I'm thinking of a guy's name so I can talk about turning him on and messing 
>with his buttons.   heeheehee
>Sherry C. (23, dx at 9)

Well Sherry--

Sounds like you are doing great!  We are proud of you!!!  And yes you 
definitely need to name the pump a boy's name--excellent idea.  After all 
they are even naming storms after boys now too!!!

As for the candy and the cake--you go,  girl!!!  You can have whatever you 
want and don't have to feel guilty either.  Of course Bob (the lean machine) 
never felt guilty BEFORE the pump (even with his real coke) but I know the 
feeling since I have always been trying to diet!!  Now remember the sky's 
the limit but of course the pump doesn't remove the calories--(doggone 
it--maybe they will add that as a new feature on the 509's!!!)!

Diane &
email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
.....and loving it

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