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Hey Justin this is the first time I have ever responded to anything here and I hope that I don't sound like an idiot.  I was diagnosed with retinopathy a couple of years ago and was put through the whole deal of laser on my eyes.  I have a wonderful eye guy.  I now have'nt had any more bleeding in them for a year and I basically had to keep my blood sugars under some kind of control to stop screwing up the lasers.  I also have been on the pump for about 8 months now and that has helped enormously with the blood sugars.  I am a full time student getting ready to do special ed student teaching and regular ed student teaching  and I also work close to full time at night.  Before this last year I had an insane life, full time school, waitressing late into the night at the only 24 hour rest. in a college town.  My hectic life reeked havic on my eyes and I am sure the rest of my body that just hasn't shown up yet.  The pump has simplified my life so much.  I don't worry about times anymore and just worry about counting my carbs correctly.  I really hope that you decide to make the pump choice because it will do so much for your body as well as your life.  My close friends and family have also said that I physically look and act so much better than before.  Good Luck!!!!!

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