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[IP] Fastake reliability?

Hi Everyone,

i had an episode a month or 2 ago where my Fastake said that my BG 
was very high (300, if I recall). I gave myself the appropriate bolus 
of insulin and re-checked an hour and 20 minutes later. It was down 
to about 30 and I spent the next 3 hours (late at night, of course) 
trying to keep my BG above 50.

I mentioned it to my doctor, who uses the Fastake, and he hasn't had 
any such problems, nor had he heard from anyone who had.

Well, tonight, I had the same darn thing happen. I checked my BG at 
at 5:15 and it said 375. I washed my hands, re-checked, and it said 
380, so I gave the appropriate bolus, plus my usual dinner bolus plus 
1 unit. I went ahead and ate at 5:30 (I know, I know, but I was 
starving and I ate my salmon first) and then I re-checked at 6 p.m. 
my meter said 109! I washed my hands, re-checked and it said 110. 

Is it possible to drop 270 points in 45 minutes?

I did a check (the little bottle of testing stuff) and it fell within 
the parameters on the strip vial. I figure I'll put in a call to 
LifeScan, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? 
I've sent my husband out for Snickers bars so I can at least get 
something good out of this episode. Last time I consumed about 25 oz. 
of o.j. along with various other items. I thought I was going to 
throw up before my BG rose above 50.

TIA for any info.

Jenny Nash
email @ redacted
Type 1 diabetes since 1/31/73, pumping on a D. since 10/3/95.
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