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[IP] Love and Hate Relationships with Food

It's something that I think all Diabetics can relate to--the love/hate relationship with food. As a child I was told I couldn't have things I wanted, like chocolate, and told I needed to eat more of things I didn't like (vegetables or cheese).
I think that those early restrictions really influenced me. Maybe that's why, when I'm low, I want a candy bar.  I KNOW that juice will help quicker and make me feel better faster, but I want chocolate.  I guess because I only used to get it when I was low. I've only been on the pump for 13 days now, but I find myself wanting to alter the numbers I write in my log book.  If I underbolus, I feel like I need to hide that number or I'll get "in trouble".  Juvenile, I know.
It's weird being on a pump.  I remember hiding candy in my room as a kid.  I would  hide it and dole it out in strict secrecy.  Now I can eat it?  I can eat that piece of cake?  Should I still feel guilty or "bad"?  I guess it takes a while to outgrow fourteen years of that strange relationship with food.

And when I come up with a good name for my pump, I will let you guys know.  I'm thinking of a guy's name so I can talk about turning him on and messing with his buttons.   heeheehee

Sherry C. (23, dx at 9)
>From that massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Will be jobless any day now when the boss realizes how much time she spends on email.

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