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[IP] Medicare regulations long view from the other side.

From: "Barbara Bradley" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE: Natalie's post on C-peptide
Right on, Natalie!
An endo at the International Diabetes Center stated "use what works to
control BG!" Now, why can't the insurance companies and Medicare "get it"?!
Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE

Medicare doesn't want to get it. If they got it they would spend more and 
be nicer to the doctors and hospitals. I recently got a Dear doctor letter 
from Nacy Ann Min Depearle the HCFA administrator about how much Medicare 
wants to be nice to providers, not Doctors mind you but providers. In 
general all correspondance from HCFA starts out Dear Provider. As soon as I 
see that I throw the letter into File 13 and ignore it. I don't know why 
they sent me the letter since I disentangled from Medicare several months 
before I retired I was so angry with the intimation that all doctors 
committed fraud and abused the "system" The regional intermediaries are the 
chief source of fraud and abuse, the abuse the beneficiaries by denying 
services they need to have. In my area of the US the average psychiatrist 
charges $250 for a 40 minute hour but medicare reimburses them at 40% of 
the rate they think they should charge: $225/hr consedquently it is almost 
impossible to find a psychiatrist to treat a Senior citizen or disabled 
person. I called around a whole day to my friends trying to find a shrink 
for a patient without success. This is not fair to me or the patient. The 
constant storm of threats and fear of federal agents coming into my office 
with guns drawn is to stressful for me I'll never join the program ever, 
even if I go back to work which my kids tell me will have to be as a ghost 
as they will kill me.The medicare system encourages fraud and abuse The 
punishments are Draconian even for an inadvertent error.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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