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[IP] fight the insurance company!

ok, here's an update on our fight with the insurance company:
About 3 weeks ago we finally got all of our supporting documents
together and sent off a big complaint to the state insurance
commissioner, with a copy going to the insurance company. We have not
heard anything yet from the state people, however:
1) Within a week we received a check from the insurance for supplies
which were submitted over 9 months ago.
2) Today we received notice that they would be paying an additional $900
on the eye surgery claim from over 1 year ago which we have been
fighting. They are still about $1000 short, but it is getting closer
3) In the meantime, our eye doctor has somehow convinced the clinic to
drop about $2000 of the eye surgery charges off our bill!
4) We are still waiting to hear their response on the pump training

The moral of this post: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Just by making enough noise
and pestering enough people we have saved ourselves about $2500 and have
hopefully helped the situation for any future patients who have to deal
with this insurance company!
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