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[IP] Use the Case

SNIP>>>>>>>>>I really should keep my minimed pump in 
that black leather case that it came with so the door cannot open 
inadvertently again!<<<<<<<<<SNIP

My personal opinion is that my MM would be dead if it were not for the case.
It has been in its case the day I got it.  I have been through 2 cases,
free, courtesy of MM.  I have been soaking wet with sweat - from underpants
to shoes (hot and humid Alabama in the summer), it has gone in the toilet a
couple of times, fallen in the bathtub a couple of times, dropped on a few
tiled bathroom floors, sidewalks, fallen off my body while moving, biking,
fast walking, working, dancing, and other things.  It is still working with
never having a problem...when immersed, it gets taken out of its case,
thoroughly wiped dry, back up case is used til leather case is dry.  I
figure the case is a great protector and absorber of shock, moisture and
many other things.    It is always stuffed in my pantyhose or in my pockets.
I cannot imagine my MM being out there NEKID!!!.   My personal opinion is it
should be required.  

Bonnie Richardson

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