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Re: [IP] Problems with MM pump AGAIN!

In a message dated 8/28/00 8:42:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

>      Needless to say i will be reporting this again.  I am soo tired of 
> having 
>  to send these back and forth.
>      Thank you all for letting me vent.  I would like any good and bad 
> reports 
>  on the other two pumps because it looks like i will be getting a different 
>  one.
>  Thanks,

I have posted about the same problem you mentioned regarding MM pumps.  They 
pride themselves with the assistance they give you once you call them with a 
problem.  Understand, I am sick and tired of having the many, many problems 
to begin with.  I am spending as much time straightening out things with them 
as I am monitoring my D.  

Most recently, they suggested that I send back the current batch of sil. inf. 
sets I was using and they would replace them.  When They asked for the lot no 
on the one I was using, it turned out that the lot number on the sil. package 
itself did not match the lot number on the box it came in. They said they 
would replace the few remaining in the box.  I call them back the same day to 
tell they that the lot number problem was not only on the box I was using but 
I had three other boxes just like that.  Today I received a few sil inf. sets 
and a request to send the one I was having the problem with which was 
attached to a rev full of 160units of insulin  and that any additional sets 
would arrive shortly.  To be sure about that I called this morning and they 
had no record of any additional supplies going out to me for exchange.  I had 
to go through the whole thing again.  Box number is this, number on the sets 
is this etc.  They are getting sloppy!

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