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[IP] School nurses overseeing all boluses

First off, I'd say good luck to them.  They obviously don't know what they are
getting into.

Secondly, I'd say, this is just what the 504 and IDEA are meant to address,
Policies that don't meet the needs of your special ed child.

If you ask for a 504 they have to give you one.  You will be an equal partner in
defining the treatment your child receives in their care.  Policies are
smolocies, they mean nothing and are NOT law and 504 is.    Don't sign the 504
plan if it is not in the best interests of your child.

An analogy:  All children in wheelchairs will be guided by the school nurse
because we don't trust kids to not run their chair into the wall and hurt
themselves regardless of student competency with wheelchairs. There will be no

Perhaps a note pointing out that any bolus is not just a simple formula
calculation but a gestalt of the days activities, foods, emotion, sleep
patterns, bg values and a host of undefined factors that make the process
impossible.  That if a nurse is overseeing this process she/he becomes
responsible for it and the outcome.  If the nurse oversees it then she must make
a judgment as to whether it is the right bolus or there is no meaning in her
oversight and if there is no meaning in her oversight then there is no need of
it.  This policy will force nurses to be adjusting the dosage of a prescribed
medication, nurses can't do that.

You might suggest that this policy only increases their chance of a law suit.
What their policy should be is that they are available to oversee all boluses if
needed and if not needed the parents must sign a waiver.  That would cover them
and give you all the help that you need.

My approach would be to write a letter to the District nurse and follow it up
with a visit.  Show how ridiculous the policy is.  Walk through the typical
day,the number of boluses and the intricate decision process.  Point out that
your child gets to "fully participate in all programs" and that running down to
the nurses office, what, 3 times a day, every day, will not allow that.  This of
course will do nothing and then I would call for the 504.  Bring in your CDE
that thinks "Johnny" can do it all by himself a Dr. would be more powerful.
Stand you ground, their policies are meaningless in a 504 plan.

My main objection to the policy is the burden in the child to go to the office
for every bolus.  I would be somewhat softened by the nurse going to him, but
you know that would happen for about 3 days.

More than just my 2 cents, but then I am known to be generous. : < )

Curtis Lomax

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