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Re: [IP] Better Control/Worsening Complications -- Carrie

Carrie Wrote:

> My doctors has told me that she can see some spots developing in my
> and although they do not affect my sight now, I can't see them just
> away (although it would be nice).

I've had Type I for 15 years, pumping for 6.  Over the past few years I
have had mild NPR (non-proliferative retinopathy with micro-anurisms).
My control improved when I went on the pump, but these past couple of
years I have really made an effort to obtain tighter control.  I brought
my A1c's into the low 7's, and I am very excited that my last A1c was
6.9 - my best ever (Hurray!).  Anyway, I think the tighter control is
helping because at my last eye exam (in December) they told me that my
retinopathy had IMPROVED and they found NO MICRO-ANURISMS!  I just
wanted to share this so that people out there know it is possible to
prevent/reverse (at least partially) complications from diabetes through
tight control.

I too have heard (although have not experienced) that switching to
tighter control can cause a temporary worsening of some complications
such as retinopathy.  But I think, and it has been scientifically shown
through the DCCT study, that in the long run tighter control is very
beneficial in preventing complications.

Happy pumping!


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