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Re: [IP] Is it a seizure or not?

The jerking and screaming is what my daughter does when she is extremely low 
in the middle of the night.  Once this turned into a real seizure.  For her, 
the jerking and screaming is the prelude to a seizure unless we can quickly 
get something in her.  The explanations you hear often aren't all that 
useful, and expect to hear a variety of them.  Endocrinologists have their 
opinions, but they really know very little about seizures, and are often 
casual about occasional diabetic seizures, considering it part of the 
diabetic picture.  If your daughter continues to seizure for any reason, 
regardless of whether her bgs are high or low, take her to a pediatric 
neurologist for evaluation.  My friend's diabetic daughter had 2-3 seizures a 
week, and after fiddling around with many endos who were not helpful, she 
went to the neurologist who found a "hot spot" and put her on a low doze of 
anti-seizure medicine.  Things are much better now.  I'm so sorry you are 
going through this.  It is horrifying.  You will eventually find the answer; 
but continue to search and shop doctors until you do.  A neurological work up 
may be the answer if they continue.

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