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[IP] seizures

Two of my three kids have diabetes. Eric (14) was diagnosed at 20 months and 
Sean (11) was diagnosed at 25 months.  Eric has had quite a few seizures from 
low blood sugar through the years while Sean has never had one.  He's also 
had some very strange neurological symptoms that passed when the low was 
over.  The bad lows were never predicatable - he could be lucid at 20 or 
seizing at 50 (I'm assuming in that case his sugar was rebounding while he 
seized).  I was always grateful for the screaming that accompanied the 
seizure - it alerted me to the problem.  

The doctor told me that some people are more prone to neurological 
manifestations with a severe low.  We assumed that his seizures were caused 
by delayed reactions to exercise (he's a perpetual motion type kid).    

The first two times we used glucagon.  It made him so violently ill afterward 
that we decided to avoid it if at all possible in the future - and we've 
never used it since making that decision.  I still have it on hand if we ever 
need it but before I go for the glucagon, I now go for either a tube of 
liquid glucose or a tube of cake icing, or a juice box (or when they were 
little, a bottle).  My kids always seemed to have the sucking reflex even 
when they were really out of it.  With the cake icing, you squirt some 
between the teeth and gums.  If you stroke your child's cheek or throat, 
they'll usually swallow.  Obviously, if they can't swallow, get the glucagon. 

Sorry you're having this problem.  It might be worth having a higher target 
number.  Hang in there.

Pat McComas
email @ redacted
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