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[IP] 4 NO DELIVERY alarms in one day

I have a question and need some answers...Today the NO DELIVERY alarm went
off on my MM508.  The first time I disconnected at the quick release and
manually pushed insulin through the tube, it went through fine so I reset
Pumpy.  About an hour later Pumpy alarmed again.  So I pulled the set out
and changed it.  By examining it I found out that the insulin was being
stopped half way through the cannula that was in my leg (sof-set).  The tube
was not bent or anything.  So, I primed the new tubing and changed the set.
My bg at dinner was 219 which is high since I have been moving all day
(manual labor) and haven't eaten anything.  So I bolused accordingly and got
the NO DELIVERY alarm again.  I rechecked the tubing by manually pushing
insulin through it.  Then I rebolused and everything was fine.  Now its 8:00
and I try to bolus for a popsicle and I am getting the alarm again.  4 NO
DELIVERY ALARMS IN ONE DAY.  I am going to change the set again.  Its only
been in for 6 hours.

Does anyone know what could be causing the alarm.  I am wearing umbros
(baggy) so I know the tubing it not tucked too tight in my shorts.
Also, I just got this pump in yesterday morning.  It is a loaner from

Melissa and (Pumpy, who is trying to get the day off by not pumping)

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