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Re: [IP] question

louann asked:

how    high   do  your sugar  get  before  you
feel  ill    when   mines   get  around  250  i  get  so ill i have ot  go
to  bed   now   mom  does not have that   promble  unless  hers  is  around
the  500 s

I think it partly depends on whether your body is making ketones or not.
The CDE where I go explained to me that your blood sugar can get really high
without ketones if you are not too active and your muscles can get the
glucose they need for whatever you are doing (they need some insulin to do
this) and conversely can get ketones when you are comparatively low (like
250) if you've been active and the muscles aren't getting enough energy.  I
usually find that the ketones make me feel more ill than just high BGs
themselves (that is, the BG makes me thirsty, but the ketones make me feel
sick).  It also may depend on how sensitive you are to BG and ketones --
YMMV big time.  The other factor is that your body can get 'used' to higher
blood sugars (they still do damage, you just think the way you feel is
normal), and your mom might not be feeling the symptoms until hers gets
really high.

I know this really varies at different times in my life, and I imagine that
it also varies a lot between people.

Sorry I can't give you an 'average' scale :)

Kathy Trondsen

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