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Re: [IP] Jen's very crappy day and traveling to Russia

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Sara M. G. wrote:

> > Back in the dark ages, before insulin, the life 
> > expectancy of a person with Type 1 was a year 
> > to year and a half max.
> >
> I would think that longevity would be tied to the 
> honeymoon period.  If you're still producing a little 
> bit of insulin for a year to a year and a half that 
> might be enough to get you by.  Then once your pancreas 
> gave out for good... bye bye birdie...

I'm sure the honeymoon had something to do with it (also those are 
absolute maximum numbers), but also to the diet regimen of the day which 
included no carbs and not much else. Among other things, it took that 
long to starve death on the restricted diet -- assuming that a DKA 
enduced coma didn't get them first. No a very attractive prospect.

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