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Re: [IP] needle placement

> increased (110 lbs), I have seen my stomach area go from rather flat to
> puffy and almost bloated. I keep the needle on line (or a little above)
> with the belly button area. has anyone else experienced this type of

It is called insulin hypertrophy and it occurs when the same area is used 
over and over to inject or infuse insulin. Insulin is a growth 
stimulating hormone. You probably need to give the area a rest. 

There are several illustrations and photos on the web site showing 
placement for infusion sites or areas suitable for injection of insulin.
Resting the area for a while (or a long time if necessary) can help 
shrink the hypertrophy.

"Photos of where to put infusion sets"
and farther down the page
"Where can I STICK my Infusion Set?"


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