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Re: [IP] Jen's very crappy day and traveling to Russia

> I have another question, based on this experience.  (Please answer only if you
> have some scientific/medical knowledge of the answer.)  How long can a diabetic
> live without insulin?  Obviously there are lots of variables here.  But say my
> pump stopped working, and I had no way to get insulin into my body, or the
> insulin wasn't working, or whatever.  How much time are we talking about before I
> lapse into a coma?

Back in the dark ages, before insulin, the life expectancy of a person 
with Type 1 was a year to year and a half max. I know that doesn't answer 
your question, but it also depends on the amount of glucose in your 
system, the level of dehydration and how quickly you begin to produce 
keytones. Thus--- it's not really very easy to pin down. I'm sure you 
will get some technical responses, but the range of possibilities is 
large. In addition, your kidneys are busy removing glucose from your 
system as long as you do not become too dehydrated. You have time. To 
reach DKA you must have all three components.

Dehydration, Keytones, + high bg's. If you are not otherwise ill, getting 
the first two in place along with the high bg's takes a while, usually 
many hours at a minimum.
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