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Re: [IP] Open door and syringe hanging out

> feared going lower).  Three hours after lunch I tested, and I was 195.  I'm 
> pleased with that number at this point, because I'm not super high (thought I 
> might be after all those carbs) and I'm not low.  I'll get myself back on 
> track tonight, and have learned that I really should keep my minimed pump in 

It takes 5 - 6 hours to clear the tail from humalog if you take a very 
large dose. Lily got a 90 unit does in an incident to your but with a 
little brother foot pushing on the syringe. She ate quite a few snacks 
and tons of glucose tabs. Took much longer than we initially thought it 
would to stabalize her bg's from going low. Watch your bg's every 30 
minutes, minimum, until at least 6 hours have past  -- based on our one 
time experience.

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