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[IP] dog bitten

     I don't think the rabies shots caused my numbers to really increase
more than short term.  I noticed the biggest increase in both my blood
glucose and blood pressure when I went in to get the shot itself.  I'm
sure that was from fear.The shots are not like they used to be,  I was
told there were many and all given in the stomach.(  That old knowledge
did much to cause my distress)  They were no worse than regular
immunizations,  with the exception of the globulin which is partially
given in the bite itself. Now on the day the dog bit me my numbers went
way up but again I am sure I got a real big adrenaline kick,   of course
who wouldn't.  Anyway I had a great tool to fix the sugar increases. I
tested more often  and bolused extra since the increases were short
term.  I'm not sure if you'll need the vacine, but they do do give pre-
exposure vacines.  Check with poison control in your state, they helped
me hee in Georgia.  If you have any more questions feel free to email me
privately I'll try to help you..

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