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[IP] needle placement

I am 64 and have type 1 diabetes for 40 years. in january of this year I
went on the disetronic pump. my blood sugars are no longer very low or very
high. I do plan to switch to the animas pump in a few months. right now, my
only issue with being on the pump is that, although my weight has not
increased (110 lbs), I have seen my stomach area go from rather flat to
puffy and almost bloated. I keep the needle on line (or a little above)
with the belly button area. has anyone else experienced this type of
reaction?? I find it discouraging because it prevents me from wearing
certain clothes. I am waiting for the new insulin (long acting, no peaks)
to be used and then, perhaps, I will give up the pump. I would very much
appreciate a response from people who experience this.   

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