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[IP] Jen's very crappy day and traveling to Russia


Yesterday was one of the crappier days in my 14 1/2 years with diabetes.  I
tested at 206 around 8 a.m., did a routine set change, bolused to cover the high
and breakfast, and went off to work.  When I tested next at 11:15, feeling like
my bg was high, I was 568!!  I immediately retested: 529.  I have literally only
tested that high maybe 3 times since my dx.  I checked to make sure the set was
delivering, which it appeared to be, and dual wave bolused, which I always try
before resorting to injection.  My bg came down to about 460 over the next few
hours, but then bounced back up to 517.  I took a hefty dose by injection, talked
to my endo, and finally just left work in order to deal with this persistent
high.  After a day of copious amounts of water, periodic injections, 20 blood
tests, periodic ketone checks (never went above trace), an additional set change,
and very little food, I was down to 150 by 8:30 p.m.  Needless to say, I wasn't
feeling so hot.

I have been very fortunate with sets and generally have pretty predictable
patterns.  Even flukey high bgs are usually in the mid-300s, NOT the 500s!  I
guess I was just very surprised that a faulty set could cause that much of a rise
that quickly, especially since it was at least partially functional, as evidenced
by the drop after the initial bolus.

I have another question, based on this experience.  (Please answer only if you
have some scientific/medical knowledge of the answer.)  How long can a diabetic
live without insulin?  Obviously there are lots of variables here.  But say my
pump stopped working, and I had no way to get insulin into my body, or the
insulin wasn't working, or whatever.  How much time are we talking about before I
lapse into a coma?

And, a totally unrelated question:
Is there anyone on this list with knowledge/experience related to traveling to
Russia while managing diabetes with an insulin pump?  If so, and if you are
willing to have your brain picked, please e-mail me privately.


last test 80, haven't peed in over 2 hours, glad to be back in the land of the
well  :-)

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