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Re: [IP] Static on MM :)

> Also wondering what a Van de Graaff does?
Lemme try and desribe it... it's a big metal ball on 
top of a tube with a rubber band spinning inside it 
like a long tread.  

What it does is pickup stray eletrons from its base 
(because rubber has a higher 'greed' for electrons than 
the material in the base) and transports them up the 
tube ('cause it's spinning remember) and deposits them 
in the big metal sphere ('cause metal has an even 
higher 'greed' for electrons and it's spherical flat 
design allows it to store lots of electrons before it 
bleeds them off).

To put it more simply... you know that thing your high 
school physics teacher brought in that if you touched 
it your hair would stick straight out? Yeah that 

And technically that's only one design, there are 
several ways of doing the same thing, but this one is 
most commonly known.

-Sara G

P.S. - I start saline on MONDAY! ('bout friggin time...)

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