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Re: [IP] Is it a seizure or not?

Hi Tracy,

What a scary thing to have happen.  I was wondering if maybe 
Natalie's basal rates are set too high.  If she hadn't received a 
bolus within four hours of her lows, it sounds like a basal problem.

Do you have the book "Pumping Insulin?"  I would highly recommend it 
along with "Stop the Rollercoaster."  These are great resource books. 
You can order them on-line at Amazon.com and probably order them 
through local bookstores.  You can also order them through Torrey 
Pines Press at 1-800-988-4772.  The prices from my 1996 issues are:

Stop the Rollercoaster - $21.95
Pumping Insulin - $19.95

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99 and
Micah, age 10

>It happened, now twice in less than a month.
>My daughter who is 2 1/2 on the pump (6 mos. now) has had two incidences where
> she was sleeping and woke up severely screaming loud (a scream like you never
> want to hear again) and I ran to check her and her blood sugar was 50 (she ha
>s been way lower before) and she was jerking all over and she was only saying
>"scare me, scare me" and I gave her juice while I was talking to her and she c
>ontinued to "jerk" for about 20 but the jerking was subsiding as time  passed.
>  That was the first time.  We did have to administer Glucagon, because after
>10 with juice, she went down to 48.  The shot didn't even phase her.
>The second time this happened was last night at 3am.  She had woke up at midni
>ght throwing up, her BG was 367 and normally I would bolus .8 for that, instea
>d I gave her a shot of H, 1 unit and she had ketones (1.5 on the precision met
>er, by blood ketone check) so of course that is large ketones and I have her .
>2 extra to cover the ketones.  I checked her in one hour and she went down to
>254 so I knew she came down 1/3 and I stayed up for a while why she was sleepi
>ng.  At 3am she let that scream out and I went to her crib, checked her number
>s and she was 44 and she was jerking and saying Mom, Mom, Mom.  I asked her if
> she can drink juice (otherwise I would have given her a Glucagon shot) and sh
>e nodded her head.  She drank it and she came up to 163.  So I am a lot confus
>ed here.  I called her doctor and she said it was not a seizure, but possibly
>the meter for the ketone check was wrong.  The last time it had happened, the
>CDE said it was her muscles contracting and they were "going through withdrawa
>ls" because she had been low several days at certain points and the lows deple
>ted her liver of glucose.  I went to other mothers about this and they said th
>at this happened to their child and it was a seizure, very small but it was.
>So I need some help here.  How many more times do you think this could happen
>before we get a real seizure and was this really seizures she was having?  The
> both occurred during sleep/nap and after a high BG reading.  We go to the End
>o on Monday and I can't wait to talk this out.  And the other thing is... Is t
>here any tests that can show if she had one or not?  Thanks for all your valua
>ble information.  This is a great place to ask these things.
>Lord Bless you, Tracy
>Wife to Doug
>Mom to two girls
>Amy 12
>Natalie 2- --Pumping insulin as of 2/18/2000
>May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes
>Jer. 29: 11

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