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[IP] Open door and syringe hanging out

Just wanted to relay what happened to me today, something that had me pretty 
scared!  I was moving today, so I've been doing a lot of packing and 
unpacking, carrying boxes up and down stairs, etc.  So this morning, I ate 
breakfast but did not bolus because I knew that I'd probably drop too low if 
I did.  So, after about an hour of moving, I felt low, and I began to drink a 
regular soda.  Tested about a half hour later and was 348.  (Maybe I wasn't 
so low?)  Anyway, continued to do some more packing of my car and moving 
trucks, then thought I should bolus some insulin since I was so high.  So, I 
gave a bolus of 4 units which should bring me down from 348 to 140.  Well, 
when I got to the house I then started unpacking my car, and when I came 
downstairs, I felt that my pump was falling off the waistband of my shorts.  
As I went to fix it, I noticed that the door was open and the syringe was 
half falling out of the pump.  It wasn't locked in tight, and it looked like 
the plunger could have been pushed so I was given an undetermined amount of 
insulin.  I tested and was 129, just about 1/2 hour after giving that 4 unit 
bolus.  So, I figured I'm dropping, from the exercise, and drank a regular 
soda.  Ten minutes later I was 97, then 113, 101 and then 104, all with ten 
minutes between the tests.  During these times I was very nervous because I 
had no idea if the plunger to the syringe had been pushed, so I drank another 
regular soda and even consumed one of those awful tasting insta-glucose 
tubes.  So, I have had 103 grams of carbs by this point, which according to 
my CDE should have brought me up 309 points.  About 45 minutes later I ate 
lunch (was 127) and bolused for just 1/4 of the carbs I was eating (because i 
feared going lower).  Three hours after lunch I tested, and I was 195.  I'm 
pleased with that number at this point, because I'm not super high (thought I 
might be after all those carbs) and I'm not low.  I'll get myself back on 
track tonight, and have learned that I really should keep my minimed pump in 
that black leather case that it came with so the door cannot open 
inadvertently again!  

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