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Re: [IP] Education-Type 2 (the most up to date wording of it)

> I don't think I had a typical Type 2 response to sulfonylureas, and
> insulin dose, although at one point I was taking 45 units a day, has
> been pretty consistent over the past year with the pump at approx.
> units a day, with a carb/insulin ration of about 15/1.
> That's why I call myself Type Weird. I'm not a Type 1, but I'm also
> a classical Type 2.
> So I straddle the fence and listen with interest to ALL
discussion --
> and refer to both Type 1's AND Type 2's as THEY!!!!!!
> Smiles,
>  ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c-
>  Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
>  Type Weird, pumping!
>  mailto:email @ redacted
Hi to the pumperduck,

That is the same reason I consider myself a type weird. At age 22
(1955) I was diagnosed as "borderline" type unknown, since I produced
insulin and was TOO YOUNG to be a Type II. Also, at age 5 (1938, save
you all the math) I was told I would grow up to be a diabetic due to
extremely strong hereditary influences.

Since I was working full time, going to Grad School full time (15
units) and had just gotten married, I promptly ignored the dietary
advice of 1000 calories per day and stay away from sugar.  Went on
this way for 40 years with no meds, till I had a complete change in my
metabolism. Went directly to shots (did not collect $200) and on 2x
day used 49 units of 70/30. About 2 years later changed MDs and also
went to MDI and let the new doc think old one had OKed the change.
Insulin needs dropped to about 40-42 units. 14 months ago I went on a
pump and now use 27.5 to 28.5 units a day.

The only time I used pills was about 1.5 years after I started on
insulin. Doc thought it might help, but glucophage only caused my
insulin needs to go UP.

FYI, I am at a minimum a third generation diabetic on insulin. Came by
it the old fashioned way, I inherited it. HA HA.
I definitely agree with whoever said Freedom comes at the end of a

BTW, my Nurse Practitioner at my Endo's office agrees with me, as she
has never had a patient with my history or little amounts of insulin
that wasn't a pure type 1.

email @ redacted

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