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Re: [IP] Is it a seizure or not?

Tracy: My son was diagnosed at 2 and had about 5 seizures.  They always 
occurred after his sugar was within normal range for bedtime (150-200).  He 
would wake up with a loud wail (a sound no parent wants to ever hear) and his 
body would be jerking. We always managed to get him to drink juice, instant 
glucose... I never checked his sugar because I knew it was low.  From what 
the endo told us, they are scared because they probably had a nightmare 
during sleep because of the low, then they wake up to a new nightmare. Once, 
after he had a box of juice and 2 tubes of instant glucose, he passed out for 
about a minute, then woke up fine.  My son still remembers it and now he is 
14.  My theory is that they could still be making their own insulin, 
toddlerhood is extremely brittle, and they need to be kept higher.  What 
worked for us is giving him a snack of 2 carbs and 4 oz. of milk at bedtime 
no matter what his sugar was.  He was on shots then, but I would lower her 
basal at night and keep her higher and give her a snack right before bed.   I 
also woke up at 2 a.m. or earlier every single night to check his sugar for 
several years.  Sometimes I still do it if he exercised a lot that day.  
Another thing to remember is after the stomach flu, their bodies of depleted 
of glycogen (sugar storage) and they need to rebuild that thus needing less 
insulin for a few days.  Email me if you have any questions.
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