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[IP] Static on MM :)

<He asked if I wanted to try it. I said no, because I remebered I had read 
something about static and the pump. > Lisa R. Surles-Law posted 8/25

 I was surprised and glad that my post on MM pump was helpful. I hated to 
tell that story (pump dying from static) because I love my new pump.

Customer support said I should keep my pump in leather case or in other 
protective pouch for pumps. I don't use the leather case when I use 
underclothes pouch and was told by a rep. that that is OK (I use their pouch).

I'm still real careful around static. At the time we were travelling in a car 
in February and stopped at an area that had new wall to wall carpet. Also I 
was wearing a nylon & polyester jacket. Had pump in a pocket, I think, and IT 
was naked (without leather case). MM emergency rep asked me questions to 
explain why pump died. I was answering, Yes... (static, no leather case or 
pouch, in pocket, travelling, nylon coat...) They said sometimes a pump will 
recover from a shock on it's own, but mine didn't. I think with the 
combination of factors I got a pretty strong charge. That and I pressed every 
button trying to revive it.

Thanks for your note.This list has been a blessing to me, too, and glad to 
have been able to help. Also wondering what a Van de Graaff does?

Beth & Oscar
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