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[IP] Is it a seizure or not?

It happened, now twice in less than a month.  
My daughter who is 2 1/2 on the pump (6 mos. now) has had two incidences where
 she was sleeping and woke up severely screaming loud (a scream like you never
 want to hear again) and I ran to check her and her blood sugar was 50 (she ha
s been way lower before) and she was jerking all over and she was only saying 
"scare me, scare me" and I gave her juice while I was talking to her and she c
ontinued to "jerk" for about 20 but the jerking was subsiding as time  passed.
  That was the first time.  We did have to administer Glucagon, because after 
10 with juice, she went down to 48.  The shot didn't even phase her.

The second time this happened was last night at 3am.  She had woke up at midni
ght throwing up, her BG was 367 and normally I would bolus .8 for that, instea
d I gave her a shot of H, 1 unit and she had ketones (1.5 on the precision met
er, by blood ketone check) so of course that is large ketones and I have her .
2 extra to cover the ketones.  I checked her in one hour and she went down to 
254 so I knew she came down 1/3 and I stayed up for a while why she was sleepi
ng.  At 3am she let that scream out and I went to her crib, checked her number
s and she was 44 and she was jerking and saying Mom, Mom, Mom.  I asked her if
 she can drink juice (otherwise I would have given her a Glucagon shot) and sh
e nodded her head.  She drank it and she came up to 163.  So I am a lot confus
ed here.  I called her doctor and she said it was not a seizure, but possibly 
the meter for the ketone check was wrong.  The last time it had happened, the 
CDE said it was her muscles contracting and they were "going through withdrawa
ls" because she had been low several days at certain points and the lows deple
ted her liver of glucose.  I went to other mothers about this and they said th
at this happened to their child and it was a seizure, very small but it was.  
So I need some help here.  How many more times do you think this could happen 
before we get a real seizure and was this really seizures she was having?  The
 both occurred during sleep/nap and after a high BG reading.  We go to the End
o on Monday and I can't wait to talk this out.  And the other thing is... Is t
here any tests that can show if she had one or not?  Thanks for all your valua
ble information.  This is a great place to ask these things.

Lord Bless you, Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two girls
Amy 12
Natalie 2- --Pumping insulin as of 2/18/2000
May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes 
Jer. 29: 11

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