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Re: [IP] Education-Type 2 (the most up to date wording of it)

Barbara Bradley wrote:
> Natalie, when was this class? I have been a CDE for some time and never
> heard that info as the standard!  I hope that whomever was teaching that
> info has been updated. YIKES!

It was in January, 1994, when I had been on orals (glucotrol) for a
month and was having wildly swinging BGs. I was going from 40 - 350,
because my pancreas was putting out spurts of insulin occasionally, but
with lousy timing!

I suppose that the goal of the CDEs was simply to eliminate the lows (I
don't fault them for that!), so they cut back on my orals and put me on
a starvation diet -- I would cry in my pillow at night because I was SO
hungry I couldn't sleep. 

After a couple of weeks of this, I realized that I couldn't live this
way and abandoned the diet and tried to survive in spite of lousy BGs,
incredible thirst and and a painfully distended bladder (can't run out
of a high school class to go to the bathroom). My doc kept doubling the
dose every couple of weeks or so, but NOTHING changed. There was no
response at all. After a while I stopped having lows at all, but the
highs were pretty unbearable. 

So I begged him to stop messing with the glucotrol and let me go on
insulin, which he did, and the results were immediate and miraculous.
I'm FAR more stable on insulin than I was on glucotrol. 

I don't think I had a typical Type 2 response to sulfonylureas, and my
insulin dose, although at one point I was taking 45 units a day, has
been pretty consistent over the past year with the pump at approx. 25
units a day, with a carb/insulin ration of about 15/1.

That's why I call myself Type Weird. I'm not a Type 1, but I'm also not
a classical Type 2. 

So I straddle the fence and listen with interest to ALL discussion --
and refer to both Type 1's AND Type 2's as THEY!!!!!!

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