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Re: [IP] Better Control/Worsening Complications -- Carrie

Carrie wrote:

>>My doctor had told me the same thing, although I have no trouble with my
vision, if I am going to (which i am sure i will eventually), how long after
obtaining tight control do problems usually show for most people?  <<

While this is another of the YMMV items, I have had diabetes for 37 years,
and have striven for tight control for many years on MDI, in fact my
pre-pump A1c's were in the 5's.  I have recently started on a pump (3 1/2
months to be exact).  Now, while I have heard that going to tighter control
can aggravate eye problems, I have also heard from most folks that this is
temporary and should clear up (again, YMMV).  I currently have no problems
with my eyes, other than nearsightedness which has nothing to do with my
diabetes.  In fact, when I visit my eye doctor he always tells me that if he
didn't know I had diabetes, he would never guess it from my eyes, there's no
signs of problems there at all.  Now, I hope this is always the case, and
no, I don't expect to develop problems with my eyes from being on the pump
either.   And, why do you think you will surely develop eye problems
anyways?  Some do, some don't... just because you have diabetes whether or
not with tight control does not mean you will go blind.  I have met many
long-timers who have good vision.  My 2 cents worth here....

RoseLea and Max....

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