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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #437


I guess I was really unclear about that what I said!  I did not double 
bolus.  I actually tried to bolus the 4 units after I found out that I was 
275 when we were about to eat--so that would have been a correction.  That 
bolus gave me a no delivery at 3 and then the saga continued from there!  I 
never bolus early but just as I am beginning to eat usually or after I 
finish eating.  Sorry about that misunderstanding--guess the "wise old one" 
has had one too many lows over the past many years--haha! (pre-pump days of 

email @ redacted
Type I for 44 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
.....and loving it

>From: "J Hughey" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #437
>Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 07:58:48 -0500
> > Bob email @ redacted wrote:
> > So we came out and I bolused 4 units for lunch and told the guy that I
> > with(husband of a hopeful pumper) this will be a very good reading--I 
> > feel it in my bones so I took the reading and it was a 275.  Then we
> > to go and eat Chinese food--I said that won't be a problem-like any 
> > pumper--no problem when you have the pump. Next I bolused 4 units  for 
>lunch.  As it
> > reached about 3 units it started to make the no delivery noise, so I 
> > told him no problem again and bolused just 1 unit.  Well that didn't 
> > when it reached .6 it said no delivery again.  So being the wise old one
> > Ha) tried yet another bolus but this time I only tried .5 and that 
> > even work.
>What am I missing here? It sounds like you bolused 4 for lunch and hadn't
>even decided where to eat yet. Then you again bolused 4 for lunch (well,
>tried, but you didn't know yet that you had a problem). Do you normally
>bolus that much that far ahead of time? Why? The first sounds like it
>was before knowing you were 275 and it was a bolus for lunch, not a
>correction. Is
>there something newbies and oldies need to learn from double bolusing with
>no food before us? I know, YMMV. ܰ
>Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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