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Subject: [IP] Why be Normal

SNIP>>>>>Still, I get the "guilties" when the topic of flu shots crops up
just as as do when I don't fit a so called "normal" profile.  Hopefully I
will eventually get over that too!
Denise Guerin>>>>>SNIP

And Denise, why would you ever want to fit "Normal".?  and by whose
definition "normal"?
As far as "guilties", quote Don Henley, "getoverit",  and rejoice in

Bonnie Richardson


Don't you ever wish some things weren't so complicated so that you could
count on your body to have "standard" responses to  a shot that is supposed
to be protective and your body says NO!    I agree the guilties have to go
however and my first step was to fire the doctor who acted as if I insulted
her by not reacting text book style!
This list does show me that we diabetics are definitely not behaving
according to any norm except as in YMMV.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years

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