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Re: [IP] Nightime blood sugars - ARGH!


>His usual snack at night has been one slice of whole wheat toast with
>butter and a bit of cinammon sugar, with water or sugar free koolaid to
>drink. He also likes cereal - rice crispies or special k (dry, no milk) and
>sometimes a minigo yogurt and arrowroot.
>We find after 2 hours with the toast he is usually ok, after the cereal he
>is usually higher - 15 (or 270 US).  After our last visit to the endo he
>noticed this trend of higher bs 2 afters after bedtime snack, and
>recommended a 1 to 18 ratio ( normal is 1:20). It seemed to work, but not
>always with cereal. The night time basals that I have been using
>successfully for a few months seem to be useless:

how much are you bolusing for these carbs?  Are you measuring them 
accurately enough?  One problem might be that the minimum bolus of 
0.1 is not fine grained enough?  But if you are not bolusing, you 
must be trying to have the basal rate cover the carbs, in which case 
you are trying to eat to match the insulin instead of vice versa.

>9 pm to 12 am .3
>12 am to 2:30  .1
>2:30 to 6:30     .2

This is a pretty big variation percentage wise.  Have you tried 
lowering the 0.3?

>He is all over the place. Tonight he was 7.4 two hours after toast, (133)
>and an hour later was 4.7 (84).

I assume this was during the 0.3 period?  Perhaps 0.3 is too much.

>I gave him 3/4 of a junior juice a few
>minutes ago. Last night he was 4.5 (81) at 10 pm, so I woke him up and gave
>him juice. An hour later he was only 6.0 (108). He was 4.5 (81) again at
>2:30, so I gave him more juice, and of course he woke up at 16 (288)!

sounds like you need 0.1 or 0.2 between 10 pm and 12 am

>I was hoping to do some basal testing tonight, but with the juice just
>given, I guess it wouldn't give proper results! I'll try tomorrow night.
>My question is: do other people (and parents) experience this, and what do
>they do. Also, what do you do when your blood sugar is lower than target at

I reduce the insulin and test more to make sure he doesn't go too high.

>Our endo's target for Adam at 2 hrs post bedtime snack is 8 to 10
>(144-180). Sometimes juice seems to be ok, sometimes makes him high, and
>setting a lower temp basal (even 0.0) for a couple hours doesn't work - he
>still tends to drop. Any suggestions??

I don't know if you are using Humalog or Regular, but for my 4 year 
old, Humalog seems to last about 2 hours and Regular a bit more. 
This means that 0.3 H between 11 and 12 might send him low anytime up 
until 1:30, and Regular anytime up until 2:30.

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