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Re: [IP] Cats and Diabetes- was training dogs

In defense of cats - my cat Mistie is truly my guardian angel.  If I go
low at night and don't wake up on my own, Mistie's there, just like the
dogs discussed earlier.  She watches everything I do, and picks up on
alarms and beeps.  She even will come running when I bolus or when I
check my sugar.  My most memorable moment when I knew she realized what
was going on was one morning I took off my pump to shower, knowing it
needed a refill, and that the alarm had gone off.  I left the pump on my
coffee table and went to shower.  I heard Mistie come in the bathroom,
howling up a storm, and when I looked to see what was happening, she was
dragging my pump by the tube into the bathroom to get me attention!  I
don't mind her sleeping on my bed at all.  
I've never had either one of the kitties chew through the tube, although
it does catch their eye.  These two are more interested in the capped
needle off the resevoir when I'm refilling (it rolls). 
I know Mistie  makes a great service kitty.  Let's hope she never has to
learn anymore than she already knows.
Just my story - Jean P

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