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[IP] re: flu shots, changing pants, and autoimmune diseases

Just responding to a few of the exchanges going on...

re: flu shots:  always get one each year - no problems but as people have
said its only as good as last year's strain.  My mom (not diabetic) is
convinced that the one time she had the shot it gave her the flu so she
doesn't get it...its almost a psychological decision - if you think it helps
get it; if not, don't.

re:  changing pants:  I hook it to my underwear or bra or if I am with my
mom in a dressing room I say "here hold this a minute!"  When I am changing
at home I throw it on the bed...sometimes it is a pain but I wonder...where
would a dedicated diabetic pumping nudist put it???!!!

re:  autoimmune disease:  Myself, my brother and three of my first cousins
(they are a male) all have IDDM (Type I) diabetes plus we all had chicken
pox in our lives plus we all had some kind of wicked fever prior to our
diagnoses.  I go along with the theory that we were all probably genetically
predisposed to diabetes but it took a trigger (the fever or the pox or maybe
some emotional issue) to actually develop diabetes.  For example, I had
chicken pox when I was about 10, had the wicked fever when I was 18 and then
was diagnosed at 21 after going back to college for my senior year (I was
very excited and wired for this return to college).  My brother:  fever when
he was three, pox when he was 8, diagnosed at 10 after my uncle died (first
relative that was really close to us and died).  With some work and luck we
are all pretty healthy except one cousin who has had a BKA.

Thanks for letting me share, Jo

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