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Re: [IP] missaprils mumps

Speaking of mumps, my docs. thought my D might be linked to a mumps vaccine I 
got when I was thirteen.  I was dx. when I was 17.  I was wondering if anyone 
else out there has a problem with mumps...I've had mumps (in my mid-20's), 
even though I have been immunized many times!  First, when I was 13, and 
later for my work.  I'm a Pediatric RN, and my routine blood work for working 
in Peds showed I was never able to develop immunity after the vaccine.  I was 
hospitalized in my mid-20's with an awful case of mumps, but never developed 
pancreatitis (? SP).  Even after that, I didn't develop immunity.  So 
basically, whenever a kidlet came into the Peds, ER, with mumps, I ran as far 
away as possible.

Go figure!

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