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Re: [IP] Nightime blood sugars - ARGH!

> My question is: do other people (and parents) experience this, and
> what do they do. Also, what do you do when your blood sugar is lower
> than target at night. Our endo's target for Adam at 2 hrs post
> bedtime snack is 8 to 10 (144-180). Sometimes juice seems to be ok,
> sometimes makes him high, and setting a lower temp basal (even 0.0)
> for a couple hours doesn't work - he still tends to drop. Any
> suggestions??

I have an older child, but the story sounds the same. We've found 
that milk and toast is about as stable a snack as there is, 
particularly the milk. The target bg's are what Lily uses as well for 
night time. Her basals are set so that she normaly slowly rises 
through the night and she usually does a correction at 2:30 am since 
the most unstable part of the night is from bed time until then. 
She's usually fine from 2 until morning. This has been a consistant 
pattern since dianosis at age 11 -- 6 years ago. She may be high or 
low at the 2:30 check, but will be stable thereafter. Hope this helps 
a little.
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