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Re: [IP] uh Help

> Can anyone help with this, it seams when I go low I can't get it to
> stay back up, and I drop so fast that I become disorented.  I am
> calling the endo today to see if he can help, but the last time this
> happened he couldn't explain it. My basil rate is 1.5 units an hour,
> and bolus is 1 unit per 12 carbs.  Any insight is appreaciated. Ali

Lily goes low in a similar manner a few time a year, but we have 
always been able to deal with it without the continuing drop you 
experienced. Her routine is when a low is discovered, she takes 
enough oral glucose to bring her up to 150 immediately -- then checks 
in 15 minutes. If this is a deep low such as you described, her bg's 
usually will have only gone up a few points, maybe only 10 - 20. She 
repeats the process until two subsequent checks 30 min apart show 
stable bg's

During all this it is then time to try and figure out how much unused 
insulin is causing the problem and if there is a lot left that will 
have  a long term effect, eat a well planned snack for the insulin 

Her doc says that oral glucose is the best way to get the most 
glucose in fast. This was born out a few years ago when there was an 
accident with a "piggy-backing" little brother that resulted in her 
receiving a 90 unit bolus. Although the remainder of the day was not 
fun, lots of glucose tabs and snacks over the following 5 hours kept 
her bg's in the 50 - 100 range until the insulin was all absorbed (we 
were in the boonies camping).

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