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Re: [IP] illness = Dx

> While I don't know of any research on it, maybe Michael or someone
> does, there difinitely seems to be some sort of connection with 
> autoimmune problems and diabetes.  It will be interesting to see
> results when studies are done connecting these things. 

There are two issues being discussed here and it is important not to 
confuse them.

1) the trigger mechanism that causes the immune system to attack the 
pancreas and
2) diagnosis of type 1 after an illness

Brief discussion of both

1) one of the current theories is that an unknown illness is 
responsible for sensitizing the immne response to attack beta cells 
because they have a similar molecular signature to the infectious 

2) unrelated to the above, beta cell destruction takes place for some 
time and progresses to the point where it is "ready" for discovery 
when at maximum insulin production, there is just barely enough to 
take care of the body's needs. Bingo, any old illness comes along and 
we get a fever, etc.... which raises metabolic demands for insulin 
and over the cliff we go -- and thus there is a diagnosis that 
immediately follows and illness. This is usually the flu, bad case of 
chicken pox, measles -- whatever would lay you up of more than a day 
or so...
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